Hi! I’m Mariah Scally

Does my business name make sense yet? 😉

I am located in Ventura, California but I am available nationwide through Zoom for coaching sessions!

Let me tell you a little bit about what got me here:

They say if you’ve lived through a mess, you’re qualified to be a messenger.

A few years ago, I realized I had gotten into a financial mess myself. While living on the East Coast with family, I was staying afloat. But after a move to California, I was not making enough to offset the cost of living, so I started to depend on credit cards and eventually took out a personal loan. I was considered “normal,” but I was drowning in debt with what seemed like no way out. I had five credit cards, student loans, medical bills, a personal loan and a car loan. I started googling “how to pay off debt fast” and “how to get out of debt” and the first result every time was Dave Ramsey. I started researching his principles, his website and slowly learned about the baby steps. Soon enough, I started my own debt snowball and started aggressively paying off my debts. In the first 18 months, I paid off over $50,000. 

While on my journey to financial fitness, I reflected on how I could have started my early 20’s off on the right foot, and I want to help other young adults learn the RIGHT way to do money and utilize their paychecks. After 18 months of aggressively paying off debt, I trained to become a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. And so, here we are!!!

My main focus here is simple – to help you set up a budget, get you out of debt, and set you up for financial success!

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